About us

Our goal is to provide for Hungarian language education in a Moldavian Csángó Hungarian village, Dumbravén, located in Romania. It concerns about 80 children aged 4-18 years. Besides teaching Hungarian, our important mission is to preserve the cultural and communal values of the village.
The educational activities in Dumbravén are run in the framework of the Moldavian Csángó Hungarian Educational Programme coordinated by the Hungarian Teacher’s Association of Romania.
In order to receive and use financial assistance, we have established two organisations: the Foundation for Moldavian Values and Communities, incorporated in Hungary and the Civic Association for Dumbravén, which has its seat in Romania.
There are two teachers in Dumbravén: Kinga Daczó (daczo.kinga91@gmail.com) and Tamás Majzik (tamasmajzik@gmail.com).
The point of contact in Hungary for the village of Dumbravén is Zsuzsanna Vanczer, who is the main coordinator of our fundraising activities (vanczer.zsuzsanna@vivaco.hu or +36309863477).
Our most important project is the construction of the House of the Children of Dumbravén. From this spring, we will continue the construction of the house by completing its roof.
If you would like to support our aims, please contact us via phone or email. Upon your request, we can send the detailed description of our activities.